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  • Insights for Building Materials Companies

    Brilliant Coronavirus Response From a Building Materials Company

    Most building materials companies are taking a wait and see attitude towards the Coronavirus. They are letting others decide for them as opposed to being in charge of their business….

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    10 Ways Coronavirus Will Affect Building Materials

    No matter how bad it is or how long it stays, the Coronavirus is going to have a big effect on the building materials industry. And much like this image,…

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    Why Building Materials Companies Don’t Improve

    Every building materials company wants to grow. So, why are most of them so bad at it? I haven’t met a single person in the industry who says they don’t…

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    Time to Retire Sales Funnels in Building Materials

    The Sales Funnel is a great tool. Since its birth in 1898, it has helped countless companies improve their sales and marketing performance by helping them deliver the right sales…

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    Ignoring Customers’ Needs in Building Materials

    When we want our businesses to be better, we take the needs of our customers very seriously. But when business is good, we often put the needs of the company…

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    Poor Lead Management in Building Materials

    Many building materials companies measure the performance of their marketing programs by the number of inquiries or leads they receive. When I ask how well their marketing is doing, I…

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