• Insights for Building Materials Companies

    Poor Lead Management in Building Materials

    Many building materials companies measure the performance of their marketing programs by the number of inquiries or leads they receive. When I ask how well their marketing is doing, I…

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    Healthy is the New Green in Building Materials

    My big takeaway from the builder’s show is that healthy is the new green.  In our personal lives, sanitizers are everywhere. We have bathrooms where you don’t have to touch…

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    Why Your Builder Sales Aren’t Growing

    The main reason building materials companies sales don’t grow faster is they are calling on the wrong person or knocking on the wrong door. I have helped many companies grow…

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    Has the Builder’s Show Reached a Tipping Point?

    Like many of you, I am preparing for my trip to the builder’s show this week. As part of my preparations, I spoke with a few builders to find out…

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    What’s Buried in Your Building Materials Marketing Budget?

    One of the biggest challenges for marketing building materials is that everyone is treated like an expert in marketing – except the marketing department itself. In industries like technology and…

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    Leapfrog Your Building Materials Competition in 2020

    “Isn’t it time you did something different? It is 2020 after all and construction technology and methodology have moved on a lot in the last 20 years.” Gerard “Gerry” McCaughey, CEO…

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