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    Insights for Building Materials Companies

    How to Sell Distributors

    It鈥檚 time to change how you think about building material distributors. Distributors are more than just order takers. They are an asset, not an expense and can even become champions…

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    How to Sell Facilities Managers

    For many products, like commercial roofing, the repair/replacement market is a larger opportunity than new construction.  The facilities manager is a key but very challenging audience you need to reach….

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    How to Sell Showroom Dealers

    Dealers with showrooms, such as kitchen and bath dealers, are a combination of retailer and contractor that require a special approach from building material manufacturers. 3 steps to success with…

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    How to Sell Contractors

    Contractors are critical to the success of most building product companies. 3 things to keep in mind about contractors. 1. They are resistant to change. 2. They are installers at…

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    How Residential Building Materials Are Sold

    There is no other industry as dependent on the channel as the building materials industry.聽 Yet time and time again building material marketers and their agencies ignore this reality.聽 They…

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    How to Sell Lumber Dealers

    Lumber dealers, like builders, can be challenging to reach and succeed with because they usually buy through distributors or buying groups instead of directly from manufacturers. If you want to…

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    The Building Materials Sales and MarketingKnowledge Bank

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