• Insights for Building Materials Companies

      Wrestling with Home Depot and Lowe’s

      Home Depot And Lowes Are 900-Pound Gorillas. You can refuse to sell to them, sell to them on their terms or sell to them on your terms.聽 So, what鈥檚 it…

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      How Commercial Building Materials Are Sold

      The channel is especially important in the commercial building materials market.聽 The owner or end user is even more unlikely to worry about an individual product than a residential homeowner.聽…

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      Where Did All The Contractors Go?

      In the recession many contractors left for jobs like truck driving. I don’t think they will return to construction even as their prospects improve. I鈥檓 not talking about the large…

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      Motivations in Building Materials

      With the building material channel, it鈥檚 not about the aesthetics or performance of your product.聽 It鈥檚 all about the business proposition. Tell me why I should carry or use your…

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      Affordable Home Improvement Advertising

      It always amazes me how many building material brands that sell products for home improvement take a wait-and-see approach to marketing.聽 Let鈥檚 WAIT for the homeowner to decide they need…

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      Knowledge and Power In Building Material Sales

      Your customer has the most power and the least knowledge while you have the most knowledge and the least power. Let鈥檚 use this infographic to help explore how to help…

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